Roberta - The Bearded Lady

Introducing Roberta, The Bearded Lady.
She was a major draw card to a well know circus in Australia in the 1990's but after her love affair with Roger came to an end she returned to her native, Romania. She retired from Circus life after an incident with cheap shampoo but has recently returned to Australia with her son, Roderick . Perhaps it is time to make a come back!

Roberta had tried everything she could think of to try to keep her lover, but it wasn't enough. Roger's heart had never truly belonged to her and deep down she had always known it. If Roger hadn't had an addiction to plaits he would never have left Roxanne. If only she had listened to that little inner voice when she had purchased that cheap brand of shampoo, maybe then she could have prevented the massive hair loss which ultimately led to the loss of Roger.