I first met Beryl back in 2009 at the local Laundromat. We got chatting with each other while we were waiting for our washing and we've kept in contact ever since.


Recently we caught up with each other for a long awaited drink and gossip session.  

The main topic of conversation was romance, or the total lack of it as the case was for Beryl. She's at the point in her life where she just wants to settle down with the man of her dreams....problem is, she just can't find the right guy.  And believe me, she has definitely tried to find him.  The stories she told kept me amused for hours.  Firstly, there was Ronaldo who tried to romance her by showing up on their first date wearing Crocs and socks (now even Beryl has standards).  Then came Frank who mentioned, in passing, that his secret fantasy was dressing up and acting like a baby.  Needless to say, Beryl quickly passed on Frank. Bernie was next and everything seemed to be going well for the first month or so until it was revealed that Bernie used to be Bernadette (not that there's anything wrong with that, it just wasn't for Beryl).  Last but not least was Alfred.  Now Alfred was wealthy, had a secure job and treated Beryl like the queen that she is.  Unfortunately, Alfred liked to swim naked at the beach on dusk and one night he just never made it back to shore.  Beryl still hopes that one day Alfred will return to her (with all extremities fully intact) and they will be able to pick up where their romance ended.

But, after a rather long drought, Beryl confided to me that she's ready to re-enter the dating game.  Since speed dating and online dating haven't really been as successful as she'd hoped, this time she wants to try an app (since that seems to be the thing to do these days), and Tinder is her pick.   In preparation for this leap back into the world of romance, Beryl wanted a few photos taken so her profile will look schmick and attract the gentleman that she is so deserving.  

So, we had a mini shoot and I grabbed a few photos for her.  She's ecstatic with them.  I think they really capture her personality.  What do you think?

We'll be working on getting her Tinder profile up an running shortly so keep following as I'm sure there will be many more adventures to come.