Newcastle Wedding Photographer

I have exciting news - I now have a STUDIO......WooHoo

I have teamed up with my photographic partner-in-crime Xanthe Roxburgh and  Frost & Roxburgh Studios has been born!  The studio is located on King Street in Newcastle and the building itself is a part of the 'Renew Newcastle' project.

Naomi: I’m a photographer, digital artist, people-watcher, day dreamer and chair-lover. I do as little as possible to images that capture the true spirit, and whatever is at my disposal to create images and moments in time that provoke emotion, discussion, consideration and heartfelt response.

Xanthe: I’m a lover of life, taker of photographs, chronicler of the world, mother of one curious boy. I capture the world and its people one moment at a time! I love to explore the form of the human body, be it nude, dressed, costumed or painted.

We've been shooting weddings & quirly portraits - so much is happening.  You can follow us on FACEBOOK  to keep up to date with all of our shenanigans.

Here's a sneak peek at a scrumptious wedding Xanthe & I shot on the weekend at Seal Rocks.