Newcastle Portrait Photographer - GOLD in International Aperture Awards Open section

WooHoo..I'm so excited.  I just got the results through for my last entry into the Abstract/Illustrative Category of the International Aperture Awards Open Section.....and..... I received a GOLD award.  How exciting is that? 

The awards are  judged by 21 of the worlds top photographers and photography industry professionals and have been entered by photographers in 91 countries around the world and I managed to get a Gold in the professional section.  Yay  :-)

Here's the image that got me the Gold:

I scored 88 out of a possible 100.  But word is that judging has been tough this year and apparently 91 is the highest score received so far by any that makes me even happier.

It's a pity the judges in the Canon Photo5 comp didn't like it as