Once upon a time, Roxanne and Roger were shining stars in the competitive world of clowning. They drew crowds from around the world and were the inspiration to thousands of wanna-be clowns. As well as being a clowning duo they were also lovers. They had a passion that knew no bounds….(but that’s a story for another day).

One fateful night a plot was hatched by a rival circus to split up the successful act of Roger & Roxanne. Circuses all over the country were going out of business because they didn’t have an act that could rival that of Roger & Roxanne. After months of research the rival circus had a breakthrough – they had found Roger’s greatest weakness – his love for plaited hair.

Roger was obsessed with plaits. Whenever he saw one he had to stroke it. His obsession was so severe that he would often find himself stroking the hair of audience members – but being a clown he could always get away with it. That was until the Bearded Lady of a rival circus started to flirt with Roger. At first it was very innocent…but then she started to plait her hair…and she had lots of hair. Soon Roger couldn’t concentrate on anything except the plaited hair of the Bearded Lady.

Then, one day, Roxanne woke to find Roger gone. He had run off with the Bearded Lady and her plaits. Poor Roxanne had lost the love of her life and with him she had also lost her career. But, she never stopped loving Roger even after what he had done to her. She knew he had no control over his obsession and so she waited…..

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