Scattered Images

I headed into Newcastle Baths this morning with the idea in my head to try out a technique made famous my an artist named David Hockney

Basically, I just took heaps of photos with my 85mm f/1.8 lens. All I had to do was make sure the separate shots all overlapped ... and then I took a few more photos just in case. Then, using CS4, I created a large new canvas and put each image onto a new layer. Then it was just a matter of making each image fit...or not...and patiently waiting for my computer to catch up to me.

All of the scattered images are made up of multiple photos. The first image has 42 separate photos within it and the original file is 29MB.  I had to put the image together with JPEGs as my hard drive couldn't cope with the RAW files.

This idea is obviously not new and is clearly inspired by David Hockney's work.  You can check out his work by following the link above. Picasso also used this technique.