My Photos Hang in St Vincents Hospital


Local business Photo Art Gallery is one of Australia’s largest online photographic art worlds. Nestled away in Paddington, the Gallery is dedicated to promoting photographic imagery of the highest calibre. Andrew Coppin, CEO and Founder, has given both amateur and professional photographers a place to gain exposure, promote their photography and share experiences. Andrew also prides the Gallery on being able to support local businesses and communities through the use of digital imagery.

Committee Secretary of St Vincent’s Art Program Katarina Cvitkovic says  “We want to thank Photo Art Gallery for this kind donation. Without the generous support of our Committee, who volunteer their time to this continuing project, and our donors, the Art Program would not be possible.”

Courtesy of valued members and wonderful photographers Naomi Frost and Ulysses Neto, the Gallery has donated three artworks to the St Vincent’s Healing Arts Program. The Pieces are currently located in the Aikenhead Building Level 3, between the Anaesthetics, Social Work and Physiotherapy Departments.

Thank you so much to Photo Art Gallery for this magnificent opportunity.