Do You Know How To Extend Your Canvas In Photoshop?

 I've had several tutorials published in "Australian Digital Photography & Design" Magazine and I thought I would share some of them with you...

First up is a quick and easy way to extend your canvas when using Photoshop.  It is a really useful technique to have up your sleeve.  I explain it in the following tutorial by showing you how you can make a stretched panorama.

Step 1 - Duplicate The Background Layer

Select and open your image in Photoshop.  To the right you should see the layers palette which should be telling you that you only have one layer open - the background layer, which contains your image.


You will need to duplicate the Background layer, and you can do this by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +J (Win) / Command + J (Mac).  Now, in the layers palette there should be two layers, the original background layer on the bottom and the new layer, Layer 1.


 Step 2 - Add More Canvas Space To The Side Of The Document

To add the mirrored image you'll need to add some canvas space.  To do that go up to Image> Canvas Size.  This will bring up the canvas size dialogue box.  The easiest thing to do here is to add half as much canvas as what we currently have, but only at the right of the picture, not above or below.

First, enter 100% for the width and set the measurement to percent.  Leave the height option set to 0.  Then make sure the Relative option is checked.  Below the Relative option is a 3x3 grid of squares. Click inside the square in the middle of the far left row.  This will mean that the extra canvas space will only go to the right of the document.

Click OK to exit out of the dialogue box, and you will now see that the extra canvas space has been added to the right of the image.  It should look like this:


 Step 3 - Flip The Top Layer Horizontally

Now to create the mirrored image you will need to flip Layer1 horizontally.  Make sure you have selected the top layer in the Layers Palette, go up to the Edit Menu at the top of the screen, choose Transform  and then select Flip Horizontal > OK/

Step 4 - Drag The Flipped Image To The Right Of The Document

The flipped image needs to be to the right of the document, so use the Move Tool from the Tools Palette.  With the Move Tool selected, click inside the document and drag the flipped image to the right until it is lined up with the original image to the left of it.  If you hold down the Shift key whilst dragging the image it will allow you to drag it in a straight line.


Step 5 - Flatten The Image

Now all you need to do to finish is flatten the image.  Go Layer> Flatten Image and you are done.